Network solutions

All problems can be solved with appropriate IT solutions.

Digital advertising

To make digital advertising that is digital billboard or closed circuit TV to be installed in marketing places, shops with movement pictures or media video to assist you to directly interact with your customer target groups at spot.

To support the marketing promotion at variety sale points with clearly media displaying. Administration can be conveniently operated at the monitor through website.

Digital advertising


Many forms of pictures can be displayed as well as videos and letter characters.

To accommodate the showing of outcomes in many monitors and many types that each monitor can indicate in different types and forms.

Easy to control, operate, administer through only one website

Able to fix the date, time of outcome presentation accurately by forming the right time-table.

To separate media to work independently, or each group can show the outcome individually.

Closed circuit TV

To design and analyse the implementation of qualified closed circuit to be installed in households, offices and factories for the sake of security, property safe and life protection. To extend advices to suit specific type and purpose of each customer.



The control can be done at one place by one recording machine.

To select the mode of displayed picture of camera according to customer's requirement.

Able to retrieve the video to view the past incidents, pictures.

Able to watch live pictures, hearing sound and control camera proficiently via iPhone, iPad and Android.

With outdoor installation, it is durable to strong sunshine, rain.

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